The Steel shots have a carbon content of 0.12 – 0.17% by weight, It has a bainite structure and therefore it possesses optimum properties in terms of toughness and hardness. The low percentage of carbon ads 30% higher durability of our steel shot than the high carbon steel shots (Ervin test – K100 durability). The hardness of the grains is defined by the carbon level.

In the production process of our low-carbon steel shot granulations is followed by thermal process of drying, which has a beneficial tempering effect. The grain is free from cracks. Quality control is permanent by keeping samples of every delivering of steel shots for further laboratory examination.

The desired operating mixture (the right balance between cleaning performance and good coverage) can be achieved by combining several different grain size ranges.

C = approx. 0,10 – 0,17 %
Si = approx. 0,10 – 0,25 %
Mn = approx. 1,00%
P = max. 0,035%
S = max. 0,035%

DURABILITY: ERVIN TEST K100 = 3000 – 3500 cycles
HARDNESS: HRc = 40 – 45; HV = 400 – 480
SPECIFIC WEIGHT: cca 7,5 kg/dm3
FILLING WEIGHT: cca 4,4 kg/dm3



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